Selling Desert Mountain - Your Real Estate Tool Kit

Welcome to the Desert Mountain Real Estate Community

Whether it’s your first opportunity to help your clients purchase a home at Desert Mountain or if you are an established member of the on-site Desert Mountain Real Estate Team, our new Real Estate Tool Kit can help you improve the Desert Mountain sales experience for your clients. The Membership Sales Team is here to support your efforts in showcasing our world-renown Club and Community. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to properly promote the many differentiating features and unique benefits of our Club and community while providing intricate tools for your success. Sales Agents who take the time to educate themselves and understand Desert Mountain are prepared for maximum success for themselves and their clients.

During 2020 & 2021, the private club industry had significant changes in a very positive way. While many Sales Agents may have been fully versed on Desert Mountain Membership Programs and policies over the years, we have created this page to assist with properly educating you on the facts of our Membership offerings, Wait Lists, Interest Lists and even provide you with beautiful photos for your listings and electronic brochures for your clients.  We have found that the most successful Agents take the time to engage the Membership Sales Team prior to showing/listing homes with in Desert Mountain.  Please know that our team is here to help prepare you and your clients with facts on our extraordinary amenities and the lifestyle that our Members enjoy each and every day on the Mountain.

Please allow ample time to review these items to prior to your visit so our team can provide you other details and answer any questions you may have.



  • Explore the area around and within the Club with our interactive map.  See our proximity to nearby necessities and niceties. Click through each of our 7 courses, 10 restaurants and grills, the Sonoran fitness, wellness and courts complex and our trails system.  (10 minutes)
  • Take a virtual look inside of each of our Clubhouses and outstanding amenities. (6 minutes)
  • To assist all agents in selling Seven Desert Mountain, review our explainer video to understand the pricing structure steps to become a member. (4 minutes)
  • Get the facts on Seven Desert Mountain by downloading our Community Overview and Fact Sheet.
  • For Seven Desert Mountain Home purchases, learn about the easy step-by-step Club Membership process by downloading our Pathway to Membership.
  • Do you want or need to know some of the specifics about our club? Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Download and print a membership guide for reference. (5 minute read)
  • Hear what members say about being part of our community. (2 minutes)
  • Flip through the latest edition of DM Life Magazine (5 minutes)
  • Rock out to our Friday Jam video series which showcases our Club culture. (As long as you’d like!)

Start the journey and experience with your clients why life on The Mountain is so special. We look forward to speaking with you.

The Desert Mountain Club Membership Sales Team
480-595-4110 | [email protected]

Please note that all properties within the Seven Desert Mountain community are deed-restricted to include the requirement of Membership to Desert Mountain Club. Buyers must submit a Membership application and receive an invitation to join Desert Mountain Club before a non-refundable deposit on a home purchase can be accepted by the homebuilder. All Seven Desert Mountain sales agents are required to conduct a complete amenity & community tour with their clients who are ready to purchase before the Club will send along the Membership Contingency Addendum. As a reminder, a purchase contract of a Seven Desert Mountain property may not be considered “pending” nor may a deposit be considered non-refundable until the Membership Application Approval Release is completed by The Club and sent to all parties involved in the sales process, inclusive and most importantly to the title company.

Best Practices for a Successful Touring Experience

Please know that while private, the Club takes tremendous pride in warmly welcoming new Members, and are excited about being part of our close-knit community. The long-lasting friendships, respect and consideration our Members share with each other and our staff is what truly makes life special on the Mountain. When speaking with your clients, consider using the following helpful best practices to help ensure a successful tour and home sale.


  • Plan on a hosted Club amenity tour PRIOR to showing properties.

    Allowing Membership Sales to tour your clients prior to showing them homes is a winning formula and extremely successful in showcasing all of the amenities that make Desert Mountain truly unique. Allow your clients to visualize themselves in the lifestyle that could await them. Club Membership is the best way to meet new friends, nurture long-lasting relationships and fun competition for one of the many recreational activities on The Mountain.

  • Mention that significantly increased buyer interest can and has resulted in likelihood of a Wait List for Desert Mountain Club Membership.

    An important fact is that property ownership within the community now takes priority but does not guarantee Membership application approval when applying for membership. Membership application review and approval is required to join Desert Mountain Club

  • How long is the Membership Application process?

    Membership application review is a 30 days process. Application approval is not guaranteed even when owning a Desert Mountain property.

  • Provide Membership Sales with a minimum of 72-hour notice prior to scheduling client tours.

    While we may be able to accommodate some exceptions, please help us schedule at least 72 hours in advance and are by appointment only.

  • May an agent join their clients on a tour with your team?

    Yes, we welcome agents to further educate themselves by joining our tour. We respectfully ask that you not distract your clients while on tour with Real Estate discussion or private conversation. Please permit your client to be fully engaged as there are many interesting facts and beautiful sites to see along the way.

  • May an Agent host their clients for lunch?

    Desert Mountain offers ten extraordinary restaurants & grills, however please note that they are private to our Members and their accompanied guests. Non-Member real estate agents do not have any club amenity access to dine nor tour Club amenities.

  • May I stop and show my clients a Clubhouse or two?

    No, we ask that you respect our Members and the fact that our private amenities are only available to tour if accompanied by a member of the Membership Sales Team OR a Club Member. Should you tour without this accompaniment, you will be respectfully requested to exit the Club amenities and jeopardize your future ability to show properties within Desert Mountain.

  • Allow 2 hours to 3 hours for a complete tour of the club.

    Be sure to schedule ample time to see the multiple clubhouses, the Sonoran and the Jim Flick Golf Performance Center. With seven very diverse clubhouses, it is not beneficial to your clients to just show one clubhouse.

  • Membership prices or membership monthly dues may not be included in MLS.

    Membership Initiation, monthly dues, offerings and availability are subject to change and should not be placed in MLS, on agent websites or published in any way other than the collateral that is created by the Club. Please reference in your listings that assistance for Membership questions is available by contacting the Membership Sales Team at 480.595.4110 or [email protected]. Click here to see the full privileges description for each Membership category.

  • When posting your property on MLS, it’s best to not include a list of club amenities in the MLS Community Features section.

    Instead, please fill our form below to receive access to our Realtor Image Library. The photos of the community provide a WOW factor which words can’t match and will make your clients want to see the property!

But Wait, There’s More!

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